Monday, September 8, 2014

Shiba's Tailes n' Turds

Back by popular demand, Well, not really, Nate just called me on the phone (yeah, imagine that!) and told me to re-start the Rood Dog Rudi series. I told him, hey dude, the dog died like 20 years ago, wake up and smell the coffee. He said he was referring to our present dog. So we'll see how far this goes... 

here's the new cartoon title; Shiba's Tailes n' Turds. 
Perhaps you got the play on words spelling 'Tailes' in what you figured was old English. In fact, it's a play on turds, so to sPEEak. Anyway, the short cut is St2. 

Cartoon #1:

Cartoon #2:
Shiba has been known to behave in such affectionate ways, begging to cuddle and rub her little ass all over your pillow!

Then again, while she's in close proximity to your Corot arteries, take note as she can instantly turn into a rather nasty, biting dragon from the pits of Sheol.