Friday, October 1, 2010


Friday IS my favorite day of the week, even over Saturday and Sunday.
Friday is the day of anticipation, the day of closing out the week, the day that you can get away wearing casual clothes and maybe even leave work a bit early. It's also the day that you can legitimately procrastinate things into the following week and usually never get an argument from anyone. There's even a restaurant named after Fridays! Can you imagine a restaurant named after Monday? The only bad thing about Friday is that you know that Monday is only 2 days away. And please don't give me this crap about "if you loved what you did, you wouldn't care what day of the week it is." If that's true for you, then good for you, you're one in a billion that has figured this stuff out, and you should log off of this blog right now! But for the rest of us poor SOBs, we definitely see, feel and experience the different personalities of each week day. Friday IS good. Monday sucks.

People tend to be in better moods on Fridays and at corporate America, they tend to deliver the bad news on Friday because they know that it's easier to take it on a Friday versus a Tuesday or Monday. We've been working for over 100 years 5 days a week and I think it's about time to shorten our work week to a 4 day work week. Thursday should be our last day of work, even though everyone would still be logged on during the weekend just like now. But wouldn't it be nice to have a consistent 3 day weekend? We'd spend more money on leisure time activities, have more time to service our vehicles (this obviously wouldn't work for retail businesses!) and probably even get a bit more rest. It would probably be good for the economy! Maybe to transition this gradually, we should start off with a 4.5 day work week, blowing off Friday afternoon. No meetings would be allowed. Due dates would never fall at COB Friday night. Then the evolution could eventually creep up, taking out the Friday morning. By dong this, Monday's persona would be eradicated, knowing that it's a 4 day work week, we'd approach Monday like it was a Tuesday.

Clearly a mind trip, I know, but it would work. I like mind trips.

To launch this effort, I am logging off my computer at noon today and I encourage all of my faithful blog readers (both of you!) to do the same. I doubt seriously that the CEOs of large companies will come up with this idea so "if it's going to be, it must start with me." If this became a standard operating principle, then gradually it may become entrenched into our work culture. Maybe even some corporate CEO would jump on the idea (as if it were her own) and implement a policy that would sanction it. I'm telling you all it would take is a few dominoes to start this thing falling.

Then we could actually enjoy Friday, knowing that Monday is really like Tuesday and that now we only have 4 days to complete our 5 day work load. On Thursday we'd be in a better mood, acting as if it were really Friday. Thursday would take on Friday's persona, Monday would take on Tuesday's persona, on and on it goes. Hey, I'd quit going to the driving range for my 3 hour lunch break and my efficiencies would still get the requisite amount of work accomplished. All in favor, please log off NOW, go home, go to the bar, go to the golf course, whatever, and start your weekend!

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  1. Brittany likes Mondays. She says.